Security and Safety

Electricity is really so useful when it comes to protecting your home and many of the products are inexpensive to supply and fit, definately in comparison to their benefits. 

For example: 

Security Lighting
Security lights increase safety, and when you return home in the dark create a welcoming environment.

Security Lighs

Heat, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Having heat, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the house can be the first line of defense, keeping your family safe from danger.
SEP electrical install mains electrical connected units with battery back-up for complete confidenc

Smoke Alarm

Wireless alarms
Police statistics show that incidents of burglary have increased over the past two years
Homes without security measures in place are 10 times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures.
Having a burglar alarm makes a big difference to keeping your home safe from burglary.
Sep electrical install wireless alarms, using high quality wireless security systems.

Wireless alarms have got large advantages such as:

  • no wires
  • simple, fast and easy installation
  • no mess
  • affordable

With our standard installation alarms you can have 28 wireless zones with a choice of over 30 accessories for example:

  • door contacts
  • pet pir
  • smoke detectors
  • co sensor
  • internel siren
  • gsm/gprs communication
  • keyfob

Intruder Alarm

Electrical gates
We have particular experience of fitting electrical gates and they can be a boon.

  • If used in conjuction with an intercom they can increase security
  • No need to get out of car all the times to open and close the gate, especially with bad weather
  • Avoid leaving the gate open.

Electric Gates