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medical schools to practise medicine was afforded recently
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Douglas Haig pays the following tribute to the medical
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At the onset there may be a sudden chill or rigor occurring at night
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Three several original contributions, each earnest, able, and
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teriologic investigation to be positively tuberculous;
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the health officer should undertake the duty. Under present
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In appearance Dr Forbes Avas a man of middle height, indepen-
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in 1686, and again seven years later. Many contributions to the subject
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"Until these principles," writes the editor, "so lucidly ex-
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in preventing physicians’ stress problems. 4 Whether a
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charge from the nose.) was confined to one nostril.
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warm, moist climates were replaced Jiere by a stimulation of the
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of the faculties of the mind participate in the de-
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I am mons indebted to your partiality than to my own de-
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first moistened with water, is rubbed with the cake and allowed to
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gravity of 1.025. His temperature rose to 104.6 , the pulse to 150, and the
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not harass the patient with any proposition for a further investigation, as I
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observed in any of Dr. Clark's cases, 32'9o C, 91 ■22° Pahr. In neither case
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statement from Lieberkuhn and Parkes. The objection which is thus
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the blue pill mass — a grain every two hours — till the mouth is
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to a certain extent be imitated. The accompanying diagram
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Ligation of the three vessels was followed by an uneventful recovery.
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The structure of the fang, a subject of intense interest to the stu-
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Dr. Cheatham (closing the discussion) : Dr. Ray states that a positive
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lethargic or apathetic condition is often observed. Convulsive attacks may
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ly torn at the beginning of the operation, while pushing it
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The shape of the bone was such and it was so situated