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many beautiful things that were in evidence Dr. Knox made a fine presiding officer.
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The occasional bleeding from thoracic aneurisms,^ and those
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mention the danger of its falling off the instrument while intro-
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peutically, except when there is matter or tissue in the body
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patient does not recover, and the other uterine symptoms already
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employed in doses of half a drachm of the bicarbonate with two
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gies of increased diameter, as advised by Benique, or, finally, by
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of a moment. He is brought back to his bed, raving and resist-
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tion, are to be traced to the previous slight degree of the inversion,
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left for improvement; and that if a procedure can be suggested, in
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tine was given, which was followed by moderate purgation, the dis-
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the means that were in use for the removal of the i ment.
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2. Fennimore. wild and cattle disease. Jour, of comp. iucd . a^id
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inMites qui ont 'present^ des Particularit^s exceptionnclles. Par
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fowl blood stained with methylene-blue and eosin, the nuclei
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for many years. It has not been positively identified in the
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shore while laboring under an attack of fever. Were the disease
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DiECKERHOFF.— Lehrbuch der Speciellen Pathologic und Therapie fiir
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MEDICAL DEPARTnENT GRANT UNIVERSITY. Fifteenth Annual Session begins
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degree of resistance offered, and then repeat the same experiment
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which, as I have previously stated, can originate at only two prin-
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treatment, our informant states, nearly all recover, (certainly three
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experience of Madeira must have been altogether peculiar if he
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enlarged prostate, by examination per anum, was foiled. The
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The gouty is recognized by a deranged There are two things connected with the
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has some detrimental effect on the growth, have had little or no experience with the
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Complete anaesthesia is indicated by the try to re-establish respiration by intermit-
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terium which he believed to be the specific cause of diphtheria
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posed. With a hypodermic syringe a drop or more of the
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Of all the predisposing causes of disease quires the examiner to ask the applicant
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In the present state of our knowledge with regard to the pro-
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Giornalc Italiano dcUc Malattic Vcncrcc. Fas. v. 1870.)
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every country. The literature on the subject is very copious.
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cien at Bordeaux, recommends the following formula : — Pure chloroform,
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country. Ward and Fisher are making careful tests of his
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m., 58 • at 1 p. m., 70; at 3 p. m., 80; at 11 p. m. r 60. On the
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pnoea and cyanosis followed. The pupils became expanded, the
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