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forty-eight hours ? The fluid removed from its abdomen could

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ability in the candidate's chosen field, shown, first, by a dissertation evincing power of

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X "Ueber den Kehlkopfkrebs," BerJ. klin. Wochenschrift, 1886, Nos. 8 and

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mobility going on to pseudoparalysis; excessive tenderness; general swelling

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indicate the movement of gases in the bowels. Usually attacks of colic

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9. Bazin : Legons Theoriques sur les Maladies de la Pcau, Paris, 18G3.

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lished. Kansas City M. Rec, 1884, i. 4.— Oallemaerts.

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This, however, is a subject superadded to the discussion, and

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in the usual situation, and this may mislead the unwary. A real difference

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to see the method in operation among us has but to go

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cific types of cerebral disease, and their value as diagnostic elements,

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reported by Dr. Jameson. His character as a practitioner

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which are mainly diluting fluid, so that the blood mixture may

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zioni ocnlaii da reuma e da blenoriagia. (Transl. by 0.

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.cts, it is not surprising that infants are occasionally destroyed by opium

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cholera morbus in October, 1898. The knees were kept a little flexed,

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2. Infective sinus thrombosis is also, as a rule, in uncomplicated

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characteristic of a Cestode. The calcareous matter is composed of 79 per

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P. H. Ingalls, Treasurer, in Account with the Connecticut

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causes loose stools and diarrhea, and may prolong the QT-

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six to eighteen months after iridectomy, properly performed, the follow-

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writings, and this prejudice was strengthened by the general precepts of

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logy at Freyberg, has acquired great reputation as the author

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tion I again repeat is due, I think, in a great measure the invariable

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Mar. 7: Postgraduate course on Some Orthopedic Prob-

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Professor Underbill's little book may be said to be a pioneer in this direction.

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It seemed desirable to test the antigenic properties of Witte

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the situation of the gall-ducts in the liver deformed by

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the fluid collection is encapsuled and situated in one of

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lungs due to collapse of pulmonary lobules and interstitial pneumonitis are

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in different species, in the same individual at different times, and

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