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blood-corpuscles within the body, the local eviden-
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Dose.—R., 3i.-ii. (30.-60.) ; D., gr.v.-xv. (.3-1.).
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is taking place. But there has been no apparent dimi-
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second place, and would only be resorted to when local treat-
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with an irregular practitioner or be associated with
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r.iZARS, Alexander J., M.D., late Professor of Anatomy in the Uni-
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of true temperance, which was never more desirable than now,
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water experiment the amount of indican excreted daily decreased slightly
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injury, infirmity or disease." This decision will suit
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its completion, to the commanding general. Department of
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** Mr. Brudenell, on cataract ; early operating 172
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veral occasions (I do not know how many) this was repeated, the
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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and Allied Sciences, publithed at
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Dr. H. D'Arcy Power, Dr. B. J. O'Neill, Dr. C. G. Stivers, Dr.
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which I ask yon to accept upon public grounds, I have ample reason
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overlooked. Obviously, to facilitate transportation and ad-
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one who has seen how effectually a hacking cough can
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r Tests. — A few drops of pure nitric acid cause decomposition ;
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rete mucosum (Gruby, Gluge, Rayer Gustav. Simon, besides
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— a moderately dilated pupil, showing sluggish response
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for the accumulation of bronchial fluid, i" three days of infection, it almost entire-
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with the tied pedicle. The left ovary was healthy. The
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by scrubbing with soap and water, followed by the use of alcohol and
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beg to inform our correspondents that, as a rule, all communica-
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sexual excess will soon be as rare as gluttony. Of course,
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Zans, instead of delirium tremens. Anorexia continues, the bowels are
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it is reproduced during expiration. Pressure exercised with
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sort of way. Teaching to them is a small part of their aim
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there was no place on the program for a report from the State
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a lifetime, or only die out when all the hair follicles have been destroyed.