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Arch ital de biol.. Turin 1883, iii. 43-56. — Piirves ( L. )

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and to incraase by fits and starts. As these after-flows do not come

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tative Medicine Symptoms A Normal Stimulus A Change

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degree of south latitude. In the forests of Cochabamba, viz., be-

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diarrh(Ea is common, and is treated of separately. An infant

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present in the exudations, though in very acute and clear effusions it may

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compression to bring its internal surfaces into contact, is suffi-

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Co.; Wm. Mayburry, Philadelphia. 3d and Uhe weather, and other causes, unusually

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seminal vesicles, although this origin was extremely rare. There

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There is a considerable difference in the descriptions of the highly

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the cells become atrophied from pressure of the sur-

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disease. It has been commonly supposed to be identical with

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lature of the country; but I think it matter of question whether the

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hospitals and research institutions in its area. The report goes on to

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the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh ; of the Royal

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bacillus have not jet succeeded in conmiunicating cholera to