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The authors have reason to congratulate themselves on the

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— "And when our eyes, and ears, and hands are weary, we

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of the medical journals during the four visitations of cholera in

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fession. In 1890 he was associate editor of the ' ' Universal Annual

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to the last, as he had worked during his entire professional

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In the year 1S77 he removed to that city, where he has

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External Parts. — Heat and redness of one ear only (left),

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But my ardor fjr collecting specimens was not in the ieasi

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position the wounded man occupied at the moment of the

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IV. Cerebral Embolism and Thrombosis (Encephalomalacia) .... 513

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He took an active part in the Revolutionary War, and in

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is no truer, if trite saying, than the old one, "Mens sana in corpore

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modified the prognosis, but also the progress and ultimate

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The pain is dull in the forehead, mostly accompanied by nausea

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If the general features of cranial orifices are, so to speak,

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they can be recognized only by careful physical examination. In many cases,

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striking increase in their number. We have made the same observation in

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thediaphysis alone, of different constitution, presents lesions

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Academy of Medicine, and during his active career enriched American

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The enormous amount of nourishment given, and which the

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cell of the parents, and in healthy persons it is said to be

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bullets, but these wounds must have been watched and

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500 metres the trajectory of modern bullets is almost a straight

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Provings reported. Valuable papers were read by title or in

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Catarrhal affections in sound constitutions, as a rule, rapidly

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heredity." The drift of the author's conclusions is perhaps

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or without separation of small lateral wedges of bone.

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another, nor yet a battlefield for a trial of strength between the

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have already said, the purgative causes irritation of the solar

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she came to me about a year ago with precisely the same symp-

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French grape-shot shell, which contains 800 grammes

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and spent another year in the medical school, when I was

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ways. In 1864 he was elected to the city council, a position which he filled for two

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clinics and hospitals of the city. In due course he became possessed

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damage of the soft parts, nor an extreme condition of

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2. Architectural Constitution. — The spongy tissue or arti-

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authority. In 1891 he again went East to study hospitals.

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