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Subcutaneous injections of ether and infusion of coffee should be given
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have it pure. It ought to be entirely soluble in caustic
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artistic worth, show the owner to be incapable of appreciating the higher
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part of the fever so usual in adult typhoid. Vomiting is a common
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vapor of green color, showing us the production of the
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Sixteen was set as the minimum age limit for summer Junior Red Cross Hospital
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Henry B. Favill, A.B., M.D., Norman Bridge, A.M., M.D., Har-
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of leucocytes. A leucocyte count of 5000 would represent a slight
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the tubercular material. But, as Wilks and Moxon have pointed out, if
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When the eggs of the frog were mashed, and their contents spread out on a glass slide and
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limb extended and kept undisturbed. My next object was to relievo
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to the method of treatment of empyema by the insertion of the
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compressed, there arose numerous urticarial papules, at first hyper-
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The sinus is then carefully cureted with small ring
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throat, we find this remarkable formation coexisting
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County ; A Brief Contribution to the Therapeutics of Diabe-
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auricle, could be considered as such. When there is merely a defi-
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irritative tumors deternune these direct paralyses, since, in
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on this account, they appear to us deferving of more parti-
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cided swelling of numerous lymphatic glanda After what we have pre-
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repeated in each of the remaining teats. The ligatures on
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blood may be of service, leukocytosis being more common in carcinoma.
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into the new scheme. Looking at the number of their licen-
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tween the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle
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for appendicitis, with moderate peritonitis. The kid-
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arteritis. Although some French authors, as Lancereaux and Huchard,
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When I first saw the patient she was suflTering with
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The average number of cocci within the leucocytes in the
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is normal, as was recently seen in a patient in Ward G.
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alone, 115,356 volumes were purchased. As many books
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and great vessels, we hear the blowing sounds so often alluded to,
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of course be understood that the deformities of the skeleton in rickety