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Patliogenic Micro-organisms, with Oxyhydrogen Miorophotographs and
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(Prince of Wales's) Volunteer Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment.
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moted to be Surgeon-Colonel, vice T. Rudd, M.D.. February 6th. Entering
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ment of Ireland,' believing that, were it to become law, it
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Pharmacy, which is said to be the first periodical of the kind
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pox, puerperal fever, typhoid, dipbtheiia (including croup),,
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diet was supplemented by light food, as white fish, beef tea,
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ROYAL south' LONDON DISPENSARY, St. George's Cross, S.E.—
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showed in my Lettsomian Lectures before the 3Iedical
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reply is tliat the India Office lias a very inadtquate concep-
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Pantin, C.S., M. B., B.S.Lond., appointed Assistant House-Surgeon to
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Walter Farquhar, Physician to George IV. Farquhar was
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a cure ; whereas I maintained that since the operation, in
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comprises sixteen divisions with forty-six subdivisions, the
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