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ing cyanosis which was made during the time she was under observation —
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w less extensive portions of lung are not unfrequently collapsed, or in
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nor opaque. In the capsole were stellate points of capillarj distention.
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applied the cocaine after endeavoring vainly to relax the cervix by means
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nually according to age": 20 years — 4 days; 20 to 30 years — 5 to 6
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also maintained in the intestinal mucous membrane, with the results
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still in session, so that it is again not possible to
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New England, by Thomas Miner, M. D. Middletown, Conn. 1825.
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action of the serum is particularly evident. He has observed
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has been encamped in a wet, malarious locality, with bad water, and
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the course of the affected vessel. It foUows, therefore, that pain may be
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throughout this country growing in dry and open situations.
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plomas are accepted in lieu of examination for admission
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of the coats of these vessels, and ( 2 ) the pathogenesis of aneurysms,
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And we can look to ourselves. In the decades of tradi-
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cent. These figures were, however, the speaker main-
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bitten by an infected mosquito there develops, after a period of incu-
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the carrying out of simple principles. He must, first
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easily portable remedy, and, moreover, one infinitely more cleanly than iron.
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contemporaneous, wide spread as the evil, and equally persistent. Our
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for the accumulation of bronchial fluid, i" three days of infection, it almost entire-
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the Liver is to prevent the inflammation running on to suppura-
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Speaking ffenerally of the several volumes before us, they are
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continuous stream. In capillary hemorrhage red blood wells up like
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morbid condition that has given origin to the infective
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1) . Did you ever lose time from work due to gambling?
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June 28.— Z^. Johl presented for Dr. Finndl, a portion of the brain
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lachrymal tumour or fistula. 2. The course pursued by the pus, which originates
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more so as he has treated the subject in a very clear and edi-
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The protests against the standard for butter fat fixed by the Sec-
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Another muscular male subject, on the right side only, a peculiar
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and now and then with thyroid gland. These results have been
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hearts in this group performed well, with normal sinus j t
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perceptible, respiration very shallow, pupils unevenly
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German authorities, but have failed to give satisfactory results in the