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dition being due to neuroretinitis. The optic papilla is swollen, and surroun<ie<l
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an improvement in von Basch's instrument by increasing the diameter of the air
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has the advantage of uncovering the glans of the organ
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It 18 of course inapplicable where the parents are stupid or rude ; but
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pass from cyanuret of mercury. Death in this case was preceded by
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ured for the first; while care of the inebriate as a dis-
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of existing knowledge acquired by thousands of investi-
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Medical men and grateful patients who, having been there,
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prunes, figs, baked apples, fruit, etc. Drink lots of water
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this I feel that there must be something done, we being a liberty-loving
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crises, and spits blood. His thoracic expansion is slight.
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skin hot; pulse 104 to 120, weak; appetite good ; bowels na-
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not become generally used because of the time and labor as well as
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be owing to a natural dryness of the tissue, and is most frequent
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under suspension of the rules to cast the unanimous vote of the house
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Ijy able specialists in various branches. All depart-
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attempts to aid her should follow. The most sanguine
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with soft soap, removal in the bath with a scrubbing
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composition in spring and sumfner. How immense the mischief, upon
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as the entire length of the urethra, is prolapsed. The
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