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quisite sensitiveness, is to place the positive electrode on some point of the nerta-

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Tinehire of Kino (Ti^jctura Kino, U.S.) is an oflleinul preparation,

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of brandy with two of milk, than an equivalent quantity of wine and

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rather that of an astringent than a purgative, but milk con-

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as those heIong"ing to the stronger; and this remark holilH true of the sev-

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(.conducting substance; and, by keeping the machine constantly in action,

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extract in half the quantity, with boiling water, incorporating the mix-

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perity and comfort. By every improvement a man makes in

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It is said that, under such cireumHtances, putrefaction does not readily

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Millet Potatoe, Yam— Bean — Pea — Chesnut — Bread Fruit — Vegetable

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of the portions of solid food swallowed affects its digestibility :

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flinmger, that is, better aUe to perform all its offices justly, and to reeiit

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last disappears. (Lemaltre.) The face is red and swollen, and the eyes

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an infant, during tlie firsjt week or two. not more than half a drop «

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shirt, and he will likewise desire a new coat, and perhaps a

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dose ; and may be preferred to it, whenever found not to agree with the

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plies an identity with that next to be considered; namely, the property

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Kther probably operates as a stimulant by a direct influence on the

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the previous hypothermia, to the trauma inherent in the rewarming

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vourite that " in certain parts of Scotland the farm servants

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circumstances of cleanliness, warmth, ventilation, &c. by the

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in mind that he is an invalid, follow a regimen such as the

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t fc ertf o rt , we admit the existence of tensicHi or tone in this naodified

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ally less and less susceptible, and to an indefinite extent ; and, lastly,

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The measure itself is certainly not accountable for the ignorance or care-

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join the enemy, and rout him who previously scorned the

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soluble in water, are powerful medicines. But they must undei^

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sea contains always a quantity of salts which may act, as the

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Ifalls, in obdinate flaiuhnve and fj/mpaniies dependent on relaxation of

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use of an acidulous food has been made the means of keep-

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placed as the most musical and mellifluous, and easiest pro-

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at room temperature, then placed at noted temperatures. *7 day mortality (dead/total).