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neys or urinary tract haematuria claims an important place. In many cases

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' similar to that seen in constitutional syphilis. But it is certainly

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exceptionally high or exceptionally low readings as of very unfavorable

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mild though excellent cathartic. From a teaspoonful to a dessert-

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cation, hence it is wise to avoid the exposure of such children to it.

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and various accidents. Hence the medical student must know a

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portance of recognizing its existence mil be apparent when we come

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and a vicious circle is soon established, to the utter ruin of the

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because he pretended to be a born blacksmith. No man would pre-

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duration, with its accompanying jjrofuse acid perspirations, could be

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albuminuric retinitis, as well as a history of nocturnal pollakiuria and poly-

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essa}^, in which the author describes his experience of the disease

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tablished; but despite these exceptional occurrences the prognosis of

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should be used to remove the remaining dust from furniture and

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to stimulate the cutaneous nerves. Rub the surface of the body

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seven years — sometimes as early as three, — giving occasion at this

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Temperature. — In chronic ursemia the body temperature tends to be sub-

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dry pepsin powder into a pint of warm milk. Let it stand till the

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on the back, arms, and thighs. After the lapse of three or four days the

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involving the metatarsal joint of the great toe. Eeviewing the indi-

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cal picture. Hirschfeld, who has ma(,le a special study of these cases,

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protracted and uncertain course ; so is rheumatic fever.

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attack, and during convalescence, the urine becomes abundant, of a

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sodium or strontium bromide in moderate doses. After the catarrhal

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chloroform poisoning, and also in fatal cases in children, in which vomiting

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lowest: Sherry, port, champagne, claret, madeira, burgundy, Bhine

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with yeast, but in order to obtain any accurate notion of the quantity present,

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from the lecture room and amphitheatre discharge by

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recent, the most enthusiastic, and the most perspicuous of all the

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or expectoration which contains the germs in great number, and con-