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can be worked by the patient himself. The obvious objections to it are
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examination and inquiries in the following form : —
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ducting wires ; an induction coil with one or two separate and larger sized
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acter ; that is to say, it rises from zero to a positive maximum, then
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of the virulent organism there is a serous inflammation so intense that
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and vertex, and not, as a rule, accompanied by delirium. Pains are also
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that the modern substitute for quarantine is founded, namely, the sys-
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case of girls, and the development of new organs entails a severer
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as to do harm. Thus, in some careful experiments iipon himself, Truchot
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ces of suicide, and having been in the same house where the crime was
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removed for scirrhus. Four other deaths from cancer have been certified
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oculation has any specific character, for identical phenomena may follow if
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men competent to decide the question. It was desirable, on account of
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As during compression there is increase of temperature, so during
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We entertain no fears, nor do we design to court favor, in speaking of
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mined. Ehrlich, and Tizzoni and Cattani again, experimenting with the
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to forty-eight hours. When earth is used the incubation period is some-
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Society's Room, Athennum fiuUdiug, Pearl Street, on WEDNESDAY, 4th of October next, at II
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they can exercise such influence on the morbid changes in tissues and
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in peculiar vital changes produced in the animal organisms by various
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the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, including Baghdad. From this
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also be immunised; but in their case the process requires to be much
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and they uniformly produce, soon after their occurrence, more or less
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THACK. Pathol. Soc. Transactions, vol. xlv. p. 230.-24. Kanthack. St. Bartholomew's
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quently manifests hyaline degeneration. In this instance the morbid
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Hepatic Dyspepsia; Lithcemia. — Plainly cooked animal food. Dimi-
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It might be added, in this connection, that the appearances which be
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of the two latter, is essential in the cure of eruptive diseases.
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which was well marked, the loss of lecithin in the degenerated pyra-
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the frequency of its origin in connection Avith a wound or abrasion.
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follow upon the acute pulmonary inflammations that arise in influenza.
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Mr. I., in this quotation, speaks of an attack of convulsions after de-
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not carefully examined. In Mohammedan countries this would be less likely to happen
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most writers ; their finely granular are the neutrophile and amphophile
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removal of the coagulated blood and other extraneous parts.
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but in this survey we will only mention the more important common salt
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of experiment, is washed out of tissues with much greater difficulty than
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that rabbits will succumb to quarter-evil, if, simultaneously with the