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ence of Shiga's bacillus in the normal intestine, and

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large mononuclears, 2%,. Occasional large endothelial

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leucocytes with a single nucleus is the only charac-

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trusty assistants, a most wise course in cases where it is

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the care of still larger numbers of hospital patients

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D. N. Bertolette, medical inspector. Detached from the

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transmission of yellow fever, 186; typhoid fever and impure ice, 410; eti-

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sufficient room for light, and therefore his instru-

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eral weeks; was in bed with extension. Left leg short-

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polyps were unilateral stated that the sense of smell

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July 25, the death-rate was 13.4. Deaths reported, 3,874; acute

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Feb. 24 of pneumonia. He was born in Jersey City in 1871.

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lusive, and following the lines of a previous similar

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hope, to a better world. Dr. James Bu-d, Dr. WiUiam

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rectly, through increase in food supply ; indirectly,

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various sources, without any attempt to digest them

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of our present knowledge, are attributable to disease

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with erosion of one vertebra and involvements of others,

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art and science ; and to promote the welfare of our

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was born in Barry, III., in 1848, and his education was directed

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typhoid fever, 18 cases, 1 death ; measles, 63 cases,

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some with cells adherent; no fat. Indol in one day's

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Majesty's Chemist, 277, Oxford Street, London, to whom all appli*

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Some Suggestions as to how the Evil may be Remedied. By

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usually caused by a violent contraction of the quad-

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just as great that life will be prolonged for a year

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'I'iie operating room was elaborately fitted with a

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cases the fever has often led to a correct diagnosis

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testine 14 inches beyond. The mesentery attacheil to

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Ground. Indian Head, Md., and ordered to Navy Yard, Ports-

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weeks' drainage, the pancreas slougliing and escap-

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tionate to the lateral element of the curve, it could

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ceutical Society and others, ah-eady practise medicine

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the presence of free fluid in the peritoneal cavity.

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Prof. W. W. Keen. Philadelphia: P. Blaklston's Son & Co.

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ern style, the genial hospitality of which was celebrated

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M.A., LL.D. Philadelphia: P. B]aki.ston's"Son& Co. 1903.

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many years he was a well-known physician at Martha's Vine-

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where he took a prominent position in the aflairs of the com-

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well, for the coolie invariably sets his buckets into the

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there was no missing link in the chain of proof that

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kept in these cells from the time they enter the hospital

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(oblique insertion) in the Biliary, Tract. Med. Standard, Chicago,

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leaves a firm, white, fibrous tissue beneath. On section