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sion, dullness in the flanks, slightly shifting and a
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desquamation, though they may make their first appearance as late
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hypotension occasionally may occur following the initial dose of VASOTEC, The diuretic should, if possible, be discon-
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and a half. Careful estimates had shown that the pu-
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— A young woman noticed disturbances in motility and sensi-
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herself as abusing a child, 9 and the physician is obligated
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some of the gas passing up the esophagus and out of the
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posed of seven licentiates in physic and surgery, with
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richly deserves brief separate description, owing to its clinical importance.
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gelatine, (ichthyocolla,) prepared with'boiling water, wen 4 swallowed
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over-sanguine expectations ; observing that the af-
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wei'e of external (mostly seborrhoic) origin ; and those did
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ing an opportunity for more prolonged and thorough study
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I have seen well-inform ml physicians fail to recognize leprosy
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Pulse in the veins occurs only in this disease and is absolutely
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summers. On a side trip of the Borderland Route — the only ocean to ocean automobile highway
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3. Lives of Edward the Confessor. I. — La Estoire de Seint Aed-
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Nervous Symptoms: No initial headache as in typhoid.
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indeed, it is only in certain cases that the urine is more acid than
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traces of fluid found after aspiration were present in the syringe before
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number of grasses and terrestrial plants like parasites, fasten
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question or the other, and are not absolutely impartial. Tlie
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table by the various Bodies in England, Scotland, and Ireland ;
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curved forceps and endeavor to loosen the object. If suc-
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and vaccinia, but sliort of demonstrative proof there
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You will notice that because of the partial lack of one of these ver-
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to tlie presence of minute nodules in the ear, in most cases with haemorrhage.
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condition of the mucous membrane, and this is often, though
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into the stomach of an unnecessary amount of septic
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the cases he had read, there were indications of morbid action
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observation to recogniss the language of complaining imu
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is to be devoted to the discussion of the causes and
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spells of irritability or even of depression, inattention to business, erratic
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1 Blackfan, K. D.: Am. Jour. Dis. Children, 1919, xviii, 525. Taudy, W. E.:
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Sago Gruel. — Sago 2 teaspoonfuls, water 1 pint, boil
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said to be " vegetarians." The winner took 154 hours
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U3s^l information gleaned from the whole field of medical art and litera-
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'iJour. Am. Med. Assn., 1903, 41, p. 173. Ubid., 1904, 12, p. 1121.
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threw off the passive congestion because of renewed
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