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A3-419 BLOOD STAIN.— (0 T'lace the blood stained material in a

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mesentery, and particularly to the kidneys. At the root of

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sician were donated to the Med. & Chi. Faculty of

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The reactions are designed for a linear incision of 2| inches as follows

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Besides these there are some lymphatic glands upon the

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under refrigerating conditions as soon as purification is reasonably far

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had an opportunity of observing what alteration was produced

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of the Correspondence) says that her husband desired on his death-bed that he should

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the literature on this subject calls attention to a close etiological

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Orthopodomyia anopheloides (Giles). — A tree-hole breeding species.

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December 14, 1886. There was some loss of coordinating

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vein ; hence it is evident that the Ij^mphatics are coextended

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the experience of Schultz.* In the splenic vein of man, after death from

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respirations were slow and deep at 16/min. The head was

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1759-60^ he had seen collapsed blueish vessels, which he con-

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asthma. If recurrent, underlying abnormalities — such as

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as a rule, not acting for three weeks, and even a month has

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of Mr. Marcus Beck at University College Hospital. Keport

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observed by Dr. Young.*' It merely deprives them of their colouring

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under the Major Medical Program is $50,000 per person per

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methods were had recourse to during the following seven

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lar dominant. There is some evidence that the pathogenesis

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of boiling water, as I have lately observed, but it can now

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(HMPA), manufactured in one of our New Jersey plants,

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