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authors(s)forthe complete list. References must contain,

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above conditions, wearing a bandage for a short period of time would

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confirmation of a malignant character. Closer diagnosis

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bone ; the crepitation, the pain along the biceps, the difficulty in abduc-

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He gave it for the lawyer ; he said : " Let the thief go first and the executioner

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cence the patient was not seen for about 7 weekS; when it was

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Thought (New York, 1 97 3) 200 ff. Onians sees the aion as wasted in weeping, but so

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these lists can readily be cut apart and applied as quickly as postage stamps, insuring

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the flexor and extensor muscles. These phenomena are ob-

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either twenty to thirty grammes of rye, or forty to

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Aphasia, and termed by him Wernicke's aphasia. He denies the existence of

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otherwise the lens may be displaced." The pupil is to be kept

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teen days after the onset ; only a little blood escaped, no pus, and the symptoms

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nervous and excitable, and flushed frequently without ap-

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origin from the spinal cord and the giving off of the rami

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to the cephalosporins and should be given cautiously to penicillin-

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tion is to an individual part or organ. From localized

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ganglia remain free in the female, but seven in the male. The

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as render the physician reputable in the community.

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was correct in the view that it could only aid other factors. An acnte rhinitis, or

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evidence or sign of tubercle. Lung did not crepitate, the lower portion

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known, its composition will probably be found in accordance with the principles

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Although the characteristics of pulmonary involvement, with expectoration of

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On Paralysis from Brain-Disease in its Common Forms. 1 roL,

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fslse membmiie may be prevented if the regetaUc spores ami sponlniB

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Dr. Wads worth referred to the fact that Mannhardt iu Constantinople

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of cases of tumor the reaction to placen- pendages could not be clinically estab-

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there can be no doubt : whatever they eat, to eat little. Moderation

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remarks, and in so doing it is necessary to mention the ravages of

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or even an inperceptible boundary, beyond which an animal is

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only temporary interruption to health was caused by a furuncle on

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I pointed out to you, in a former lecture, the symptoms of rheu-