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normal function is carried on under the controlling influence of the

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teachers from the days of Galen to the present time ; so that the

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sium salts enter into combination with the red blood corpuscles, and

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jections or cilia, which have been successfully photographed.

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might be, tonic jjreparations, at the head of which I would place kola

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this tedious and painful affection. It is a hard, angry looking inflam-

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For the reduction of excessive pulse tension, nitroglycerin, or in acute

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vascular system. Rayer* gives a very graphic description of these cases

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replaced by an indurated nodule. This process is repeated and the

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them to your own mouth. The act of kissing is not without danger

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pressure on its other side of the two remaining segments. Thus this

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there, stains and streaks and spots of a dull clayey-white, imbedded

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where they originate and multiply, and what are the conditions

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Sewer gas has caused death when its inhalation has been pro-

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classed together under the name of multiple arthritis deformans.

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neys, unfavorable surroundings and disturbances of the nervous sys-

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Treatment. — The protruding bowel should be returned. Place

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its cure. Many diseases of the female organs are the result of igno-

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or gradually. According to the first method the suffering will be

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the joint lesions, affecting limbs or portions 'of limbs in which the

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the digestive organs may also exercise an important and permanent

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is marked by disturbances of sensation, motion, secretion, excretion,

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individual finds himself weak, powerless, and unable to work. The

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sometimes, despite the neglect of every precaution, pass carelessly

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kidneys that are observed in advanced life; it must be admitted that the sacs

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is scarcely ever able to eat meat enough to j)revent further decompo-

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Aphasia. — This is inability to use language or express ideas. It is

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defects, such as hair lip and cleft palate are of more frequent occur-

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Other inflammations, as abscesses, may occur in the vicinity of the

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exercise should be practised by the growing child as soon as he can

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result of degenerative changes. Other similar changes take place

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c. By Means of Aerometry and Fermentation. — The specific gravity

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diminishing intervals, especially if the disease puts off its original

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The pus present in the urine may have its origin in a purulent urethritis,