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Hospital, were detailed as general assistants. Dr. Hall assisted

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matic Influence on Disease; " an address by Dr. John S. Fulton,

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developed epileptic paroxysms ; either consciousness is partially retained, or

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maxillary divisions of the fifth nerve, also the sixth nerve, and the

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was in private practice in Iowa for eighteen months ; and

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leather wristr protector, firmly applied, but not of sufficient

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The bowels were obstinate. After the operation, however, he fell re^

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tion of a single class of cases, exclusively, a nervous disease: that

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The second subdivision is of hyperopic eyes, astig-

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If some of you can give me an explanation it will be greatly appre-

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As a rule, these symptoms are produced by tumours, but now and

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\)eriments made by him and others in 1838, at a time

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rapidly, and the congestion becomes so great, that the patients die of

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Christian hero ; for the path that leads to this high goal is

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must be tried. It is a much better instrument than pincers of all sorts

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reported the case of a man, twenty-nine years old, presenting

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case called forth at the time some criticisms which the reader will do well to

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ment is necessary to the independent performance of duty by

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took place in 13 within a week, in 6 during the second week, in

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ing, rapidly succeeded by an immediate and evident impression

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sultation, and the question asked : What can be done for

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without destruction of the normal tissue elements. The zone of sterili-

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assert that there are in such cases corresponding alterations in tissue

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M. Berard began by asking the candidate what symptoms distinguished

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the bowels and look well to the bladder. To support the

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Again the symptoms may clear up, partially or almost entirely, to

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in the region of the appendix. The pain was general.

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obstructed by mineral matters and the metals. It was a

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not an army but a horde of men, women, and children. No doubt

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a ball entering at any point within the hepatic area^ and if

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rieur. Arcb. prov. de chir.. Par., 1897, vi, 40-44. — Rydy-