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pain and all the symptoms of a surgical thrombosis.
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proceed to Des Moines, Iowa, and confer with the Sec-
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"See the criticism of Bang and Fursmann. Miiiicheiier inedisin-
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was learned that for some time before the shooting he had
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"The problem presenting to us now is the fixation of those pubes in
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Behandlungen. Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, August
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logical superiority over their illiterate contempora-
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Hiss, Philip Hanson, and Zinsser, Hans. — A Textbook
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for the aged and a home for the nurses in connection with
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intimate association of these embryonic layers in the
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12. Vapor Anaesthesia Apparatus, By James T. Gwathmey.
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cholera. In fact, any of the bacteria present in the
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distended, and possibly on that account we were unable
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Last year only the suspected sick persons were subjected
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a prompt notification of all cases of scarlet fever in
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immediate operation was advised, confirming the diagnosis
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fessor of medicine at the University of Konigsberg.
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6. Henoch's Purpura with Enteric Tntussusception. Re-
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sions. For complete programmes and further information
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x7. Paris Correspondence. lancet, November 18, 1899,
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structures situated at a distance from one another,
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the ensuing year are as follows : President, Dr. Carlton C.
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Interpreter's House, supposed to be the opinions of
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aconite was specially recognized — and utilized — in
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conception of typhoid fever as an essentially water
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Surgeons. — The twentieth annual meeting of this or-
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ing passed from the class of those who used alcohol
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him to continue sucking his bottle because he cried
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.Jessner, S. — Dermatologische Heilmittel ( Pharmacopoca
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Granted leave of absence for one month, upon his re- .
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a special predilection, such as arsenic, tar, scarlet
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that, with so formidable a barrier of excuses, every
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used indiscriminately in large doses, is a powerful
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Philadelphia and New York : Lea & Febiger, 1910. Pp.
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2. Tlie Causes of Death from Sb.ock by Commercial Elec-