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being kept separate from the rest of the inmates ; consequently
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phylloxera. This is supposed t«> be due to the difficulty
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laying the animal on his back, and working it with the hand, the
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Appearances.— In one acute case related by Dr. Kerchhoffs, the mucous
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The stupor continued for four or five hours and the tremor and mydriasis per-
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Magazine, Jan., 1S98. By Boardman Reed, M.D., Philadelphia.
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removes the book from the class of mere compilations, which
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17. LocKHART- Clarke. Medico -Chirurg. Trans. 1865, 1867, 1868. — 18. Miura.
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lem. If there be sufficient tissue to permit accurate approximation
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varieties, in one of whicli, inllead of the hernial fac palFing on
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puration. He had had to abandon an Alexander's operation
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clearing gross anatomical specimens and showed hearts with
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* It is a beautiful Biblical passage (date about 400 B.C.) which reads
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sum of the foot. To inject an arm, we may select the subclavian ar-
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Negroes are not troubled with it, neither does it occur among the
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may also be interposed at any desired point between the
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is made of $2.00 for the first appearance of copy occupying 1 inch or less of space and $1.00 for each succeed-
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sen's disease in young people were seen and removed.
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She also saw lions and tigers on the wallpaper. Thought
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1385 Shaw, Jamib, L.R.C.S., 98 Talbot-stieet, Dublin.
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" Why the cook'says he did," " Did he leave it in a can ? " " No ;
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perhaps not, and all applicants are warned off in ad-
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I have operated upon two hundred patients with diph-
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the eye at rest. Homatropin was instilled, and it was ascer-
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tubes. In practice one c.c. of each test solution was added to 10
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for this purpose. It is first treated with a solution of
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No starchy food for at least the first three or four months. When teeth
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that that man is registered, so that if a man has been struck off it would be necessary that
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