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intervals. Danielsen gives the salicylates in increasing doses, four times a

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strengthen, owing to the micro-organisms described by Klebs as character-

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maintain the organs of the body at their maximum efficiency and of the

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health, and it is on this accoiint, and also because of its disturbing

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Cases of monoplegia, probably neuritic, are also on record. When there are

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course and an irregularly febrile temperature are in favour of tubercle. If

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digested in the manner described, and is finely divided, the fat being set

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fars, and then rubbed vvidi fait and let heal. If they

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pips, seeds, pieces of bone, nutshells, shot, nails, pins, bristles, and leaves.

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These experiments show the importance of the local element in the disease,

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time. Lepine strongly advocates alkaline intravenous injections hefore

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his time there were no aftes in Scythia, nor even in

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may be made every second day. The treatment is not well borne by

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until they finally succumbed to starvation ! Such symptoms were attrib-

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astinal glands are very much enlarged, and filled with haemorrhages. The

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affecting the heart, and in cases of retrocedent gout, is much graver.

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a thin ferous difcharge ; and a day or two after an

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arise neuridine, parvoline, collidine or hydrocollidine (Pouchet), bodies

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on this or any other occafion, to cut them off round

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from a primary bone focus, and as the disease is progressive the abscess

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( Ci ) The medical otlicer of health, or a legally qualitieil medi-

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rule, have their fastigium later in the day or during the evening or night.

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sensations lessen the irritation of the peritoneum and inhibit the abnormal

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it is at all times ready for instant use.) Over the wax film a thin

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