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ralgia, without increasing at all the tonic power of the muscles.

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your duty as far as possible to give them correct information in regard to it and

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tion and compilation. As a treatise, it appeals more directly

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temporal edge swollen out like a wall ; veins engorged, tortuous, and very

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ment in an unhealthy skin with a slowing of the intestinal rate,

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Sequard's seminal "elixir of life," or to their recent pell-mell

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and herpes. Nevertheless, we may meet with very difficult cases. I allude

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The left is even more markedly discolored; the second toe is en-

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this account, quinine and those tonics that contain it should

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pancreatitis, Surg. Gynec. & Obstet. 86:69-75 (Jan)

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source of vital support is cut oiF, before the new one

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disease is chiefly one of childhood, the brunt of the disease falling upon the

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presence in the abdomen of an aneurism, ovarian cyst, or

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honor to teachers and parents. Gymnastic training should be of such a

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cavity of the uterus by careful technique, found staphylococcus

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free lateral movement at the level of the tenth rib, that it has been

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still more firm, a strong fillet was wound around the handles. The

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If I had never seen a case similar to this I should

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patients has taken forty-five grains a day for twelve months without the slightest

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it. Tension to the extent of almost raising the limb

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Canals. — r or the performance oi this little ; mi j . r i r j • • „

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with, and whatever mental intelligence exists is masked by these physical

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Mr. Charles Combe, to each of whom was also bequeathed an

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that the trouble might be due to the fact that the child had

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cheapest," but this helps him very little if economy must be thought of.

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aided, perhaps, by the discovery of better methods in its

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surface of the villus in the intervals between the capillaries,

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entitle them to attention. We neither doubt Dr Murray's ex-

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equipment of this large institution, namely, an Infirmary.

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around the bloodvessel-s. In chronic cases the frontal and parietal convolu-