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occurs in collapsed lung-tissue, and about points of venous obstruction,
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days, brain symptoms manifest themselves in about twenty-five per
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if the pressure is considerable, cause areas of anesthesia, or localized
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ing. If there is pain in the epigastrium, the local application of heat by
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Slight precordial pain, palpitation on exertion or excitement, dyspnoea on
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succession, the crepitant rale may not be heard. They are rare in pneumonia
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must be carefully attended to, and a mild saline laxative rather than an
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ankylosis may take place in the joints. There is great wasting of the
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ditions (liiatation may 8ui)ervene either with or witlioiit ]irecedent dei^'ene-
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and reflexly with the blood supply to the bowel. Atonic conditions of
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stages its excitability is one of its most characteristic features. The
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sary. The presence of several cloacae and a thickened condition of the
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ince of the specialist, and only the most prominent points in their history
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The medicinal agents which arc generally accepted as most useful in
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exude into the joint. This may be so great as to give rise to a condi-
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rhoea, nausea, and vomiting ; the mouth and skin become clammy, sordes
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Syphilitic disease of the arteries chiefly attacks the cerebral vessels. Great
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