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tion of the blood showed 12,000 leukocytes to the cm. A
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Foreign bodies of the most diverse kinds have been found
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subsequently confessed his guilt. A case was communicated by Dr. M^K nlav
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actions are both phenomena of the forward, the reaction of the back-
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results to pass through the hands of a non-professional
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scarcely be moved over the parts beneath. Its color varies
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ing the patient to one side of the bed always move him toward you.
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fluid ounce. He also adds one- eighth of a grain of
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would be readily excited by electricity when ordinary
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in to see a patient in the last stage of phthisis. The pa-
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1881 Pasteur successfully vaccinated sheep against anthrax by means
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pattern ; the technique was that of a beginner and proved
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tion of stages two and three, accommodations will expand for a total of 1,000
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when it is made to disarticulate the clavicle with its meniscus. The
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kidneys show microscopic pigmentation, most marked in the vicinity of its
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the presence of the stone, which radiates into the pel-
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the lungs, and, consequent on this, the much dreaded
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ceded by slight itching; primarily vesicles, from a sixteenth to an
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and a-half wide, tied in a knot at one end, was bound tolerably
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Ercilla, a Christian settlement on the African continent. In
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trochanters and on the buttocks, and the arms were in a
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her usual health without a mishap by the end of the month.
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lity in Infancy, produced by removable Causes, and increased
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and usefulness of ether and the general class of cases
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syphilitic disease five years ago. He presented also
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rhoids, of intestinal hemorrliage or mela^na, and of the discharge of pus from
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cologist and Obstetrician to the Philadelphia General Hospital ;
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two, and stridor was present in one. In thirteen cases implicating
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tention to it, but to put upon record something which really is novel
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wear a different and a happier phase to the end of the chapter. Another reason
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tricyclics have proved to be effective, including nor-
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section, the blood-vessels of the spinal cord, in all parts, were found to be similar to those of
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or douche, or by means of a syringe. The douche should be used with
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these cases which show a paranoid trend, but which do not
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The pulmonary phthisis or excavation in these cases is described as the
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Post mortem examination. — Right kidney greatly enlarged ; weight
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loped in September, M. Isambert notes that two came from
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This simple method is painless and can help determine if