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III. Candidates will be required to produce the following certificates,

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move that flexion which is all the time operating in such a way as to

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great necessities of the wounded. At present there are absolutely

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but had pain only on moving. Haifa grain of morphia was given. —

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tions of Surgical Art. The speaker was listened to with much atten-

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of pycemia and hospital gangrene had previously occurred ; yet the build-

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suppuration at all, and no rise of temperature after the third day. At

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ally occur. Thus Colonel I'layfair, the English Consul, wrote last

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his inability — owing, we regret to learn, to indisposition from the effect

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rhagia for several months previous to her being attacked with painful

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wifery, and the Certificates specified in paragraphs 5 and 6 of the

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point from many good friends ; but, in my opinion, to compel every

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river Thames to the north of the river Severn. The blue or unhealthy

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least two years' growth ; and, as its dimensions had produced much dis-

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mons without the knowledge of your Committee, or, indeed, of the re-

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ment. This splendid chromolithographic atlas has afforded the first

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Waters prepared by Dr. Struve and Co., at the Royal German Spa, Brighton, and the NATURAL BROMO-IODINE WATER of

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prises the most eminent of our brethren in this extensive empire."

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thus affording the members invaluable opportunities of frequent inter-

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writings, have done little to improve their army medical organisation of

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population, in 1861, of 11,865. The registration subdistrict comprises

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Erompton — Resident Clinical Assistant : applications. Sept 3rd ; Medical Com-

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The physiology of acute renal dropsy is sufficiently simple and intelli-

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abdomen), weighing respectively nine and four grains, of a more or less

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University, that he has passed the Previous Examination, unless the

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the careful manner in which he discriminates between proven fact and

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as follows : — "There is no doubt of the enormous utility of these private

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We are indebted to Mr. J. W. Langmore, M.B., late Resident Clinical

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Dr. Angus Fraser and Dr. Fiddes of Aberdeen, and Dr. Traill of

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And yet this is a disease just as contagious as variola in the human sub-

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nature is very important ; for, if a softening fibroid can give rise to con-

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June 2nd. He had a shivering fit. From this time up to June l6th,

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observed and classed with other aft'ections of a convulsive character, but

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and that the discussion of it should be resumed the next morning

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