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omechanotherapy, hydrotherapy, supervised occupational and recreational activities.
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There is little to support the theory that peripheral neuritis is the
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family is apt to have a feeble and sickly constitution, whereas children
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impossible. The distinctiA'e features are as follows: In chronic gastritis,
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fore, this was finally rejected. Another proposition re-
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To offset this Dr. F. C. Hotz said that he had been
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malignancy in the air, occasioned by the comet, wliich might
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railway traffic (up to /) and for ten days after (/) ; the greatest fall in War area B, least
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the vessel, expose it and pin over it, through the mus-
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terior segments of the gray cornua and the fibres of the commissure, as well
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When the physician informs the patient that she is not
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15. Tollens. c..- Mtlmhen. med. Wchnschr., 1909, Ivi, 6S2.
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more round raised circumferences of the diameter of from five to
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was a certain indication of the presence of malignant
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Not only is any liquid, which may lie between the wound surfaces, sucked out,
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the thoracic wall and from the disruption of the pleural surfaces, united by
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medical entomology and its closely related branch, insect control, which
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— about 3 pints — had collected in the pleural cavity, the escape
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conclusions be drawn from them, in so far as it seems possi-
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that cannot be directly attributed to bacterial infection
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first column are figures in grammes, the lowest ones at the
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lating assessments. It is derived from the Latin capistra'.iuu, a poll-tax,
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vesicles present a depression in the centre. They are said to be umbilicated.
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grade Poland Chinas and Berkshires, about eight months old at the
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unworkable laws. The AMA Grassroots Political Action
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modified to suit individual cases ; but, speaking generally, it
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a principle of very general application in therapeutics.
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removal of arms, legs, uterus, etc., does not produce
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method of estimating the amount of uric acid in the blood, much information
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formulae for this same Causticum. Notwithstanding this con-
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the transfusion of blood from the arterj' of one man di-
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witnessed. Occasionally sulpho-carbolate of zinc will
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Essential Factors. Presence of the bacillus mallei in the discharge
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In order to remove any difficulty in future cases, and to put an end to