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"Basics of 67 Gallium Imaging" Presented by Gerald S. Johnston, M.D.,
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contrary, weak, short, and valvular if dilatation predominate. Attention to
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Upon dissection, " the vena cava was found, through a con-
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became general and proved fatal. Why, in the absence of
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Bloodletting. This measure is recommended particularly in localized peri-
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of the abdominal aorta. Arch Surg 1975; 1 10: 1281-1286
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nal circumstances, a damp climate or dwelling, or frequent colds, th»
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down to near a level with the corpus callosum, a slight prominence
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lems that must be faced and dealt with if we are to compete
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ances they do not look to be the largest people in the world.
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tion of the cardiac portion, to the inordinate distension of which he attributed
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1. One view is that it results from a primary process of chronic inflam-
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militated against the diagnostic importance of the protein content
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in "Irregularities of the Teeth," and then explored with the
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Byron F. Francis, S.B., M.D., Instructor in Medicine.
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that is, uncomplicated with blood dyscrasia or fever— is not often fatal. It can
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table lesions. The intestines were inflated and the peritoneum dry and
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in the dimensions of the limb, resulting from increase or diminution of
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and the same sounds be heard. Does this fact entirely do away
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can be rendered insensible to pain sufficient to operate for external piles
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the excess of fecal matter, and, second, to bring the en-
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that with the old methods not only bony union but useful
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subjects not having previously undergone variola or
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only chance lay in the amputation of the arm at the shoulder,
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heavy sea struck the side of the vessel and coming over forced the former out
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