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cause. I think it was Barton who determined that it was simply

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Still there are certain reasons why a combination of

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irregular way possible, without the slightest rhythm. The resulting

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taught that cases of this kind do occur. I have seen great shock, etc.,

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matischer Epilepsie ; plastische Deckuiig von zwei Schii-

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few years, that intra-nasal surgery has been very greatly

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essay, testifying to the physician rather than to the physiologist

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Iwo-year subscription as two credits; a three-year sub-

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the transformation of the spores to bacilli. He also made pure

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a dark erythematous flush on the surface ; and if the process have gone

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others, in genuine affections of the lungs, remarks, that the tar

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wonder, as the study of them, in the direction of pathology,

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This lesion has been studied by Dr. Francis Delafield, one of the cura-

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In August, 1042, shortly after the King had left London to raise his

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ing cases of gonorrhoeal arthritis, which are as common as they are

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Accumulated excess of daily meam temp, since Jan. i» '9^^

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therefore, must pass up the left side of the pelvis somewhere

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Bovine Tuberculosis. — The Berlin Medical Society

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somewhat earlier, but still not till the specific symptoms were

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=^ Read before the American Neurological Association, June 17, 1881. Reprinted

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of climbing to a higher round in the social ladder.

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ness and pain. Peritonitis, which generally proves fatal, may follow

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Board the sanitary history and condition of their towns and cities, and to re-

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sible, then filled the sponge with ice water from the top, until the water began to

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Education report that would have revised urology residency

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liundred had died. Few if any new cases have occur-

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treatment goes, morphine to quiet the restlessness, a cold pack, and

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But, in another very important respect, the minister and the

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The arrangement of this volume in the form of question and answer renders it especially suit-

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tance De long, it flies on without stopping to take nutriment, and at last ar-

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the placenta. This organ, when fully perfected, consists