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marked near the edge) with the solution of nitrate of silver,

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Edgar, Ont.; Turofsky, H. A., Toronto; Upton, W. W., Bowes-

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13 Dunham, E. K., Further Observations on the Phosphorized Fats in Ex-

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appeared to me to be indisputable good follow its employment.

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seen one case of diphtheria in a large family in which isolation was

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Surgical indications in acute and chronic cholelithiasis.

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accounted for by the equity method of accounting. The investment in Missouri

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found unnecessary to operate for repair, as all symi)tom9 disap-

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size of blood vessels (vasomotor tone), in the rate of the heart, and

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From this time the progress of modem medicine in the

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Head. Vertigo and giddiness from nervous exhaustion and

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down to us and vindicated by the assertion of the right to

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intervals, and bearing in mind that of medical officers arriving in the

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attention and voluntary co-operation on the part of the

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soon set in, the pulse becoming more feeble, the extrem-

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ner of administration as function-exciters (stimulants)

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drawing her double. This, in some cases, will last with little mitiga-

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active serum would probably have shown differences, as in the case of

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97. Mulrow CD, Aguilar C, Endicott JE. Tuley MR, Velez R. Charlip

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the inguinal glands, we must not conclude (as is too

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which by their producing toxines cause an irritation of the uveal tract.

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perceptible, respiration very shallow, pupils unevenly

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fast (p. 444). The author's experience shows that, normally, i. e., under the best

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Grossly, there is a general enlargement of the gland at about the

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of rotation than the upper. Rotation is especially free

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Poultry, page 802: Dog, page Soj; Miscellaneous Department, page 803;

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muscles rather apt to take on abnormal movements. This is seen in

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270. Mr. J. F., Oct. 3, 1900. Variety, bronchial; duration,

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