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that from cerebral hypersemia is the rarest. That this kind of death

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small, indeed, as to render many of the combinations useless.

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labors taken together, 2. The mortality from puerperal fever following

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Ind., the profession is greatly indebted for a dis-

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Diagnosis. The diagnosis in the case of paralysis of the accessory

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proportion. Refractive errors, digestive disturbances, etc., should,

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than the left and lags slightly ; expansion, by measurement,

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Consequently the only logical diagnosis is that of a fibroma with

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times become infiltrated, and the ventricles may contain turbid fluid, or

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and to report to the next annual meeting. Committee : Dr. J. W.

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I liave learned, however, from histories which I have recorded and reported,

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cream and pastry may be due to the poor grade of gel-

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tongue, the laryngoscopic mirror is placed in position and

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rate of the ventilator is decreased at a rate of 1 breath

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exalted celibacy ; but all have ended by tolerating it. And yet it has done

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need under all circumstances : To constantly feed an irritated stomach is

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grateful to the burlesque which need not be pointed out.

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that bleeding is but rarely called for, and only in cases where

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conspicuously dilated. There was a well-marked spot on the lower lip,

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izing that after all the operating table is the place from which

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a private, elite, selective sort of bibliophilic mausoleum with a rich

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an undisputed fact that this recognition and respect which in the

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missure intact. The central canal appears as a slit running antero-posteriorly,

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patients treated for diabetes on my medical service, at the Hart-

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quite insignificant as rcganls danger or distressing s^^mptoms. It is

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6. Trace a drop of blood from the right auricle to the upper pole of the thyroid

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various serous surfaces in Hie pelvis, thus ing leucorrhea. The patients gradually de-

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thickness of the muscles at the base of the flaps, and not to thin

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therefore urge that the House, taking these premise*

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pletely cured by two or three applications. Since that time there

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ments would irritate the skin and aggravate the dis-

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