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The author does not consider it at all proven that the streptococcus pro-
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It is refreshing to see such words in condemnation of this
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carditis which, in the great majority of cases, is of the rheumatic form.
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fore diminishing the amount of carbonic acid in the atmosphere, the
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outer surface, being able to resist the spread of the inflammation and
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process in the epidermis, consisting of hyperplasia of all the layers and
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to be uninvolved in the new growth. In the present case, examination
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crete cases that represent experiences with two of the newer methods
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centered around the Davenport-Donohue bill. In introducing the
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ever weighty. In its political aspect the career of the Indian
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by some writers, and especially by Leyden, that ataxia is of a sensory nature.
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sometimes excessive food to make good the great loss from toxins,
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drug. Recourse to chloral hydrate is a possible cause of great evil ; it is
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resultant brutality, its despicable yellow streaks, its imperialism and
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they were past 16. Between 21 and 30, 35 per cent, showing
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to pre-antiseptic and even pre-ana?sthetic eras, are practically useless
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of Prof. Mikulicz, the following description of the operation is
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time required until the first appearance of the salicylic acid reaction in the
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of '94 I attended him at various times with tonsillitis, nose-bleed,
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is a great source of enjoyment to him. Perhaps these impres-
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further noteworthy because of the great number of metastases in nearly every
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ounces, was removed at the same time, the patient making a good recovery.
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tympanic cavity was evacuated by the disease, the ossicles being destroyed
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in favor of any special type of shoe. Whatever our convictions
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tigation rendered it probable that such a course would have been preferable
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found in the reports of discussions in American and English obstetrical
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its loss of weight has several times confused but attention to.
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5. The greater convenience of the iliac over the lumbar wound for toilet
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4. Establishing private clinics, as the Mayo Clinic and similar
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infection through healthy mucous membrane very unlikely if not