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cent with alkaline reaction. I^actose 3 per cent, slow growth but typical, with acid
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faulted if a volume approaching whole brain had been treated
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watery fluid into the renal tubules. Each of the four ventricles is
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than normally. In one instance an extensive hemorrhage was found
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a nervous shock may produce a paresis or enfeeblement of the
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They contend that the practice of “sedating to death”
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epidermic Extensions are in intimate connection with the embryonic tissue of
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GEN/EPI = General anesthetic/postoperative epidural narcotics
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practical medicine as is contained in Prof. Smith's
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The ratio for Armored in World/11 pertains only to enlisted
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or fixation sutures are passed through the margins of the
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high degree of perfection, decreasing the number of blind in the asylums
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must have discovered a method of producing these varying degrees of
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were administered. The anasarca disappeared; the albumen in the urine
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not around, but behind the esophagus. Then the pedal ganglia
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acetate under acetate, on page 388. This arbitrary separation of
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Subsequent studies have shown, however, that those studies
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I think, is, that there is not a educated hand bringing
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another is attacked, until nearly all the voluntary nuisc-les of the limbs as
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instance, as trying to get hastily on a horse-car; try-
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uses chromic acid in substance. Cleanliness does a great deal in these
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the medical planner to determine these requirements are
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Medical College. — The Court of Appeals has declared
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companied by any symptoms indicating decided local inflammation.
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a temperature as high as five hundred degrees F. can be