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hydrates. This decomposition is a process of division in which
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flammation of the bowels ; beyond this no information is to be obtained'
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Immin. In 100 grams of albumin there are 16 grams of nitro-
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for unforeseen and special duties not contemplated in the
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existing amongst some of our less enlightened countrymen. I have at-
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of grass land. A good golf course has been laid out upon it.
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patient is recumbent, but quickly rises in frequency if the patient sits
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shown by a child in the first few weeks, and that of falling
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or in distant organs. Rodent ulcer, for example, among the epithelial
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In a drought the first thing to sufi'er is vegetation, unless
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tion the remedies quickly relieved the patient of every trace of her
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represented." No one ever objected to Sir Wm. MacCormac,
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zymotic death-rate during the same period in the large English towns.
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queaths to the Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic,
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The study of alimentary glycosuria in diseases of the glycogen-
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walk, or in other cases the trunk muscles are involved, which, in a
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with iridectomy, and 13 with sphincterotomies (division of
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collections of chromatin granules, appearing on opposite sides of the
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isolated and from whence they were removed to the hospital
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diploma in the regular way. Last year I was approached by the pro-
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re-elected the Representatives of the Southern Branch on the
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absorbed in the tumour, which bulged far down in tl)e
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A Complete Guide to the PreUyiiinary Examination of the
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After the whoop has been suppressed by the belladonna, it is still
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17th. The venous system was engorged with dark fluid blood ;
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Alile Knd remains unvaccinated. The Local Government
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syphilis. He was a well-built fleshy individual, somewhat
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mata, like scarlet fever and small-pox, but syphilis radically differs
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a drop of 2 or 3 degrees, and then the fever rises again, perhaps to a
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conditions above mentioned the primary irritation or pigmentary
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allotted— one hour. As to operative surgery, he entirely sup-
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general to inflammatory effusions? Is the great accumulation of
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sequent to storage in the usual manner, but, if possible, to
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acetic acid, oxybutyric acid and ammonia, coma and death. The
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that the cold bath is so beneficial. One effect of immersing the body
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the health of the persons affected by them, yet the knowledge of their
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the responsible direction of the great station hospitals. It
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trial, at the Central Criminal Court, on a charge of wilful
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that it must rapidly come into constant use, especially where
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to record shortly another, although it leads to the same con-
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not occur in badUary dysentery. Considering that many cases of
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tritis. The term "trigeminal neuralgia" is, therefore, a true neuritis,