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and destroyed the lives of nearly a hundred of their

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ammonia — -salts possessing a high degree of solubility, whilst the urates of these

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laboratories which should give gratuitous service. There

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have been recorded. Indeed, there is little doubt that such

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The history of this case was read by Dr. Dorsett as follows:

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17. Fisher J, Conway M, TakeshitaR, Sandoval M: Necrotizing fasciitis,

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seizure. He recovered, as it was thought, perfectly. On the

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expectoration alone, by its abundance, giving legitimate cause for imme-

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tempted to imbibe alcoholic drinks more freely than

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ployment is favorable to long life, though in absence of accu-

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that, if the pneumonia poison were circulating in us, we

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TTith the calort of the Italians, and with the lichen tropicus. Bcaecaa

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of Milwaukee, to Athens; F. P. Flynn, of Wonewoc, to Stoddard; H. L. Gar-

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the muscular coat of the veins ; for although this after years of

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the babe by the State ; but it so happened that my little

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den der yon dem Splitter getroffenen Liuse in gleither

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puration in the glands and by suppurative inflammations of the viscera

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therefore advisable. A sim])le, wholesome diet, and measures having refer-

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scarlet fever, etc., and the relation of hypertrophled

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happen very rarely. Such an opportunity has happened to me, and the

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excitability of the facial nerves, while in others we have observed a peculiar

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English? " " I am from the South, from New Orleans,"

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November 23d, the following officers were elected : President

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tions. It will be noted that in no month does the mean temperature

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Gofman: It's a government funded organization. It's quasi-

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entirely concur with Dr. Thurnam in the above remarks, and