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is expressed by the formula P = , W being the weight

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Dr. Osgood, in 1903, was instructor in the New York University

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Dr. Hughes, by his lectures and numerous contributions to

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the pillow is often wet through and through. As a result of the constant

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continued to the present time. The later years of his practice have

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become Professor of Ophthalmology and Dean of the Faculty of the

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Being elastic and not very dense, the lungs usually present

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line into surgeons and doctors. Later these grand divisions

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"A Case of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media followed by Cerebral Abscess

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but this was only transient, and the fluid was soon re-absorbed,

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a native of Cambridge, England, and as a young man had come to

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normal action of the organism when it exists, and to recover it

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the Albany Academy, 1873-74; lecturer on Natural Sciences in St.

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fortunate in his class of cases, or more successful in his treat-