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(1885), 41, 17-19. — * Actinomycosis hominis with report of five cases. A\

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of the destruction of the epithelium. Usually, however, the

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mination; then the bowels are paralyzed, the vomiting and purging

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ployment in the therapeusis of whooping-cough. On the other hand,

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well until the appearance of these fetal symptoms ; on the contrary, it

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in a week or two, by a return of appetite, by the tongue rl^ammg off^

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this prescription I have never seen any benefit; and while' I must ac-

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afflicted in this manner. Nevertheless, we cannot regard angina pec-

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In the second form, that of semi-oartilaginons induration, we find

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other at eight. This had taught him a lesson ; and since then

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primary coagulation in the vessels and in the intertrabecular spaces

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Etiology. — The term hypertrophy of the heart is applied exclu-

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The Adjourned Anniversary Meeting now adjourned sine

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was, in all probability, one of these, for the after-orlop con-

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of the chest or belly is wanting, the heart lying in the abdomen or

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Symptoms and Cou&se. — Acute catarrh of the larynx rarely begins

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pneumonic induration, since neither reduction of the dimensions of

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the body may be raised, and kept at a convenient height by a

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catarrh accompanying the second stage of cirrhosis is not, as in the first

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the bicarbonate of soda, in doses of gr. v-x, in powder or solution ; if

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454-456. — * Sobre dos nuevos casos de actinomycosis humana. Rev. Soc. mcd.

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Deranged sensibility of the larynx, excessively exalted excitability

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done for a yellow-fever patient, and the careful and discrimi-

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pirited he and his attendants may appear, the physician must not feel

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other parts of the body. Perhaps the grade of the fatty liver is

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because there is no other organ in which diseases arise which so often

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while the heart gravitates to the tower portion. When in larger

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through the contracted rima glottidis, and with a wheezing sound, while

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filariasis occurring in various parts of the southern Islands, but no study

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get into the drinking-water, or come in contact with some food that is

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