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He was taken to a physician and had a temporary splint applied.

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call an involution or a subacute appendix, has, an appendicitis that

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quence may be regurgitation and not stenosis. The cases are cited, how-

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therefore, to consider the diverse individual variations which the affection

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in the morning, and the patient's health begins to give way ; . . .

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pharynx shows nothing abnormal. By the mirror is seen at the base of

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tion, is divided into two portions. One of these is passed through a filter on

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The symptoms of fracture of the base wxre characteristic, consisting

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Six days after operation the greater part of the placenta was carefully detached

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indicate the consummation of tlae innervations ; but this enlargement of the

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juxta-epiphysial osteitis by inoculations with fluid cultures of the

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Realizing that this man's neck was dislocated, I directed two assistants

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tion. If there is a diminution of the perception of movements in the skin,

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of a dry specimen, and looking at the under surface of such a bone, we

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Buren, viz., " I can not help thinking that the singular facility

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which the patient may probably have derived from the earlier part of

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if ever, been diagnosticated during life. Nor is it easy to see how the

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1911-18, American Medical Association and the Brooklyn Patho-

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two rather extensive dinners and champagnes he had a little

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the ease and accuracy of the examination thereof depend so much

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matism follows the curve for tonsillitis. Clinical observers