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covery. Lancet, Loud., 1894, i, 1614. — Cameron (J.)

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was a soldier who was wounded at the battle of Gettys-

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ing classes devoted to medical and surgical curative ap-

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from the experiments of Foster, who isolated a toxic substance from the blood

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With regard to treatment by drugs it is difficult to speak with cer-

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XII., modelled after the one devised by Sophus Bang, was

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must be conducted with care and nicety, and will require much modi-

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while accumulating manure may breed flies. Garbage attracts flies and

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different physiological conditions which it is here sought to compare.

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nely. The general conclusions he has deduced from his experiments are of no

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when autopsied showed in his lungs a fluke which was responsible for the eggs seen

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he is a good man and well read and well posted. I really think his case is difterent from

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Authors will receive reprints of their articles provided they request same when send-

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Among the acquired conditions are acute diseases and

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pil. oath, corap. Xo. iij. should be given to him as soon as there was

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was attributed either to eating certain fish or to wearing untanned hides.

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essential in curin* disease ? Has vegetable physiology discovered to

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days only. The right eye was of normal size, the conjunctiva

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as it does articles on almost every topic even remotely

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remarkable results attained by means of it in a very large

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room used by the patient had been recently plastered

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collected the regions invaded by gangrene were as follows :

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to which the sailors gave the name of Irish horse, (I suppose the con-

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Aloes is the inspissated juice of various species of Aloe

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crossed the legs at right angles behind at the popliteal

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entering on the same field of practice, and thus contribute something,

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the vessels of medium and large caliber present no striking changes. Fila-

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the investigation. The animals were nursed and tended in the

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■on according to the National Formulary, that the solution does not