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CAROL A. FOX, Director of Admissions and Student Affairs
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America are known to be descendants of individuals formerly
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floor. There was much pain about the shoulder, with
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the apices of both lungs. In spite of rest and appro-
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Board of Censors, E. H. Hill, Lewiston ; A. S. Thayer, Portland ; D. L. Lam-
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romatic microscope, other animals amongst the Yertebrata,
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Lipid Research Clinics for the National Heart and Lung Institute.
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57. Tocantins, L. M., and O’Neill, J. F. : Infusions of
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puscles, entire or disintegrated. The quantity of urea, as compared
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shaped, triangular bodies which had been voided at stool, and were
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der to take their first inscription, have to attain the
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sense of smell returned after the operation. The author can not
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examination of the mother, and especially of her abdomen, may give some
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rheumatoid arthritis. He (the speaker) had seen cases
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mitted his MS. to him and to Professor Bayliss, and received
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" augmented by the results of a larger experience, and cor-
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much anemia, prostration, wasting, and slight diarrhea ; the pulse was 120
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muscular factor, and in the next of the htemic and mechanical
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It was found by experimentation with baked, aseptic
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affections; women who are irregular in their menstrua, a conti-
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during life moderate pressure suffices to restore tlie globes to their normal
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present diplopia, and in a certain number of cases the ocular
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migrain, if administered early, the effects are more marked
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the higher education of women. It is officered by ladies-
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caused by the T. Gambiense was established. Two years later Castellani
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true significance lies in rodent ulcer, and it is in the care with
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Tareitia (t&r-sai^tis, L. tar-st^tis). Inflamma-
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in women (6'5 per cent.). In only eighteen of these (4 per cent.)
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Pathogenesis. The imperfections in our knowledge of the functions
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