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as chloroform is detrimental to the renal tissue. So far the author
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tive efficacy of nitric acid. Dr. Amoldi, of Montreal, claims for this
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with the promises made before its commencement, and the accounts
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latter collective grouping, for it is nothing more than a toxemia
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* Tubok: " Pneumatic Gymnastics. A New Method of Treatment of Gastric Myas-
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we believe the State cannot expend money more profitably
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analogous to the transient monoplegias, hemiplegias
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day of administration, an increased secretion being kept
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work of the enlisted men on the machine and in taking pulse and
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of exercise : (5) too much tea and coffee ; (6) too
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Tiis PiivncALLV Defective. Bi/ Edward O. Olis, U.D., Boston
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of his fellow -man, and not less of his class than of his race. For
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ing than from any direct effect of the disease. In later childhood, rickets
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ruption of its structure or loss of its function the paralysis neces-
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ficient answer to that statement. Billroth had been re-
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and is a much stronger drawing card than an ordinary diploma,
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The fissures posteriorly ran only a short distance, and
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wound be situated upon them) to the trunk. It seems most
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initial tumor. (Jiith's case of freedom from the disease five
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Trephining is resorted to only under the most desperate circum-
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mamma gave 7 deaths, 6 after operations for cancer,