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latter easily efiFected on the point of the finger as a guide. The opening

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wall, some tonicity of the sphincters, slow passage of bismuth

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Diagnosis. — The history of syphilis or corrosive poisoning

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tagion; much small -pox in town that winter, and more in the spring; the case of

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foot, catsfoot, and red poppies mixed) 16 oz., boiling water 3 lb ;

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that about half as many engineers get hurt as firemen, which, of course,

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injury is bilateral, but more severe on the one side. This

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ter of this left ascending parietal convolution was five

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it is of exploration, and how much less easily the fluid manufactured by it

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he permanently established a clinical method in teaching.

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9. Several sizes have been made, so that in conjunc-

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endoscopist can make a diagnosis of an esophageal stricture unless he is

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form, each pill containing 10 centigrammes. On the first day-

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The frequency of the occurrence of this fever varies according

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the elastic bandage round the edges of the dressing applied just sufficiently to

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precautions were adopted throughout. The vessels were

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the temple, in front of the left ear, down the neck to the surface of the chest,

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considerable general debility, and should this manifest itself at

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2. A tense purulent effusion in the left pleural sac (pulsat-

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cite partiailar instances. 8. But it must be admitted that there are

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In giving large doses I prescribe the total amount to be taken

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tremens or merely serve to bring to light some severe illness of the past.

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dollars per month. Superintendent Germond says the change saves

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gical Society, Mr. Curling is represented as saying that my

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respirator\ r stimulation. The heart and circulation appear to be but little

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figures in regard to infant mortality are made public

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used during pregnancy only it clearly needed. Thiaiides and triamterene cross the placental

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which are mainly diluting fluid, so that the blood mixture may

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in almost a healthy condition, sometimes, I may say often, secre-

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less bloody and slimy; the tenesmus also diminishes with great rapidity, and the

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fevers. In view of these facts, it must be admitted that these organisms

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378. JumllO Pickles — Ingredients — Cabbage, salt, onions, pepper

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scent on exposure to damp air. Soluble in about 15 parts