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ture and the local intestinal affection is seen when

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Six months afterward, the patient had nearly regained full power over the

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symptoms were absent, or only slightly marked. 2. Where the

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and are complicated by the appearance of additional grey nuclei. The

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be recommended. Exercise should be taken in moderation, but should

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glycosuria occurs; in the cases of Lichtheim, Lazarus, and Opie, glycosuria

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the urea, &c. which accumulate in the blood are by this means

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Dr. Geo. Johnson, to whose opinions on the pathology

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limited in its usefulness, as it was only applicable to cases in

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The experiments conducted by McCoy {Araer. Jour. Pub. Health,

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symptoms during the acute attack be recognized. The symptoms of chronic

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that the author had previously made, of the nitrogen con-

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The significance of the whole subject of internal secretion is enor-

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e(li;(>, it seems unreasonable to suppose tliat a toxin of so j^reat a

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expectation of the passage of water has something to do with

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taken, is situated in latitude 42° 10' north, longitude 43^

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S J., 1885-(i, n. s., xiii, 964-972. — Callan (J.) Consid-

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gen-elimination is no criterion that the fat-content of an

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hr). If a more rapid onset of action is desired, a loading

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or if their refrigeration by long e.'cposnre had had anything to

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We sometimes meet with emergencies, in which it becomes necessary for

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fold variety of guise, each with a peculiar story begotten of a special

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There can be no doubt as to the presence of pneumococci in the

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cases. Pringle has published a complete account, and Fordyce has

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Health Reports.— The following cases of smallpox, yellow

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ternal (or paternal) and fetal interests. Controversy about

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hominem, and thought it would be undesirable they shoiUd

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justify interruption of pregnancy. One is uncontrollable vom-

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ised or corposcidar constituents of the blood, the red globules. The patho-

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cases of poisoning, frequently giving important clues in identify-

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particularly for the beginner, so to dispose the cor-

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ing attacks or symptoms of hysteria, such as laughing or crying with-

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of miracles having been performed at the tomb of the Deacon