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abandoned on account of the danger of poisoning; the other,
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The case in which D. employed arsenic occurred as a consequence of
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book ; but it is to the end that the reader may become familiar
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was nine days. This animal, however, suffered a fulminating type of disease,
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secures exemption from the affection. A change of apartments from one
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preparation. It is almost an ideal handbook of very moderate dimen-
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bodily and mental wreck, but also a striking moral wreck. I believe that
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the kidney substance alone. Areas of hyperemia are followed by suppura-
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that the attention of European physicians was generally directed
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the 16th century which proclaimed community of goods and
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saturated, as is shown by the greater liability to mold and rind-rot.
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the mother's life, you justify the wholesale destruction of unborn children.
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they find themselves helpless in the face of the more or less
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greatly deprecated the action of General Porter, and invited
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29/A. Abundant ; sp. gr. 1012 ; albumin 2 per cent. ; a few hyaline casts ;
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urine of a dog fed with the arseniate of sodium rose in nine days from
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three wives, who all die of the disease, while he continues
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Lambda College of Physicians and Surgeons, Memphis, Tenn.
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(bronchopulmonary dysplasia), non respiratory morbidity
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ing which they develop immunity to the injection of living
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the lumbo-sacrai plexus or the spinal roots. In the latter case there
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cians, Physician to King's College Hospital, and Pro-
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leather, aud that if the strokes come fast enough and
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crutches moveable by cog-wheels. These appliances are, how-
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A second opinion, however, soon began to gain ground, especially
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places, as if they had contained water or acid when formed, and had contracted
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quacity. Insuchcases the experience of hospitals authorises the free use of the lan-
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with scarlet fever or were in attendance on scarlet-fever patients. Since
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Leube's original conception, the term nervous dyspepsia was intended
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the claim is doubtful. Arsenic, in popular writings, is said
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Persistent Use of Thyroid Extract in Recurrent Carcinoma of
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ought not to be the sole drink of man. Fermented liquors, injudiciously