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taken as a relative measure of the volume of the blood stream and

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much hemorrhage. The fragments of bone were removed from the

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in the presence of alumni, students, colleagues and friends, a

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that Constitutional Syphilis will Follow. — A paper with this

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such as the flushing of one cheek, local sweating, or dilatation

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may contain but little nourishment, but are loaded with watery

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twins born in a parish iq Finland. Each child has its

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therapeutical bearing. He dieted himself for the space of a

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all the inmates of these screened houses are to be kept

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Mr. Robert Purves helped me with the operation. The wound was

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reasonably be congratulated. For' the want of a magistrate

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certainly have spared no expense to illustrate this volume com-

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Denman's, as " being most generally known, quite as distinct,

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night as at any other time ; then much time must be lost

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The prevention of bedsores requires the utmost cleanliness on the part

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he constructed a physiological classification of cuta-

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physicians through Alabama’s County Health Departments.

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lasting or finally curative. But, nevertheless, the operation has mani-

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either by Hbrous cicatrization or calcareous transforma-

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for a considerable period. What, however, he has written is

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one Year, with Report of Case. — Dr. D. J. Milton

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in the diagnosis of esophageal stenosis. He auscultated the esophagus of patients

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financially. We requested $3,404,136 from the state

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and frontal are forced in a forward direction ; the petrous

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value of about 90 per cent.). The ammonia content is frequently

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Such complications are, however, rare in cases that

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effectual. At later stages, it may arrest ^ not unusual to find the parts sealed up in a

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influenza was Ch. Calenus (Greifswald), who in 1579 wrote : " Contagiosum

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if such marked benefit followed so rapidly on this dietetic altera-

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numerous paroxysmal attacks of fibrillation during several years of

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endowed with peculiar properties. Its ultimate solid consti-

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burning process out of the community of Driftwood to a relatively