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marked paroxysms, prevented me, during several weeks, from perceiving
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meningitis, influenza, etc., belong to this group. The application of the
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* See Braid on Hypnotic Therapeutics Monthly Journal of Medical Science,
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perceptible to the human hand. There is of course deficient ex-
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otherwise than /cr continidtatcm. Doubtless such reflex
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The Baron thinks that experience has denninstrated that insanity ad-
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then famous for the production of good bread, on the chemistry of
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inemia, a nounshing diet, an abode in the open air, wine, and iron, are
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current would not flow uniformly over so wide a territory, but through the shortest
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amount of heat abstraction, but by the degree of actual
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Fig. 458. Sensory innervation of the spinal segments, according to Seiffer. The lines repre-
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of a slight squint, this would afford strong evidence of the blindness
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alkalis are being given and that quinine base is protective against haemolysis.
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say also that we have always found the faculties of the medical schools
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in daily use may mount up until an active dose is taken.
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the lenticular ganglion, deranges the functions of the optic nerve
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what should be ascribed to the general liability, aided
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then to nitric acid. These acids, by reaction upon the bases
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three hours later the spot had the same appearance and was photographed
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he does not have to lie and gaze into the blackness of an
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When the chancres present a destructive tendency then apply
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his soul in patience in the midst of intense suffering,
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respirations became more infrequent, and the pulse grew slower and
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1 Courses 201 and 302 cover the work required of medical students in Physiological Chemistry.
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ward the patient felt considerably better. In three hours the
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The autopsy showed slight thickening of the cerebral
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substance is still there, which the enlargement of some of the
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hagia. It is likewise used to a great advantage at the