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again. — The Charleston Journal is out with a stereotyped
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chalybeate ; at Baden and Wiesbaden, the hot saline; at;
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each other and cicatrized. HoAvever, the most important portion of
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This cannot be done by the public health authorities alone, but it must
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high pulse, and tympanites. The facies was not that of
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Davis, B A., Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Biology
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diagnosis between them and the organic diseases imitated
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tance De long, it flies on without stopping to take nutriment, and at last ar-
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the operation would hardly be inclined to attribute death to
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dividual organisms and species have been applied to the development
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Sometime ago a committee was appointed by the Board of Trade to
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been thought that the sudden death m the status lym-
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in an asylum, three of the others are reported as due to cases imported
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became general and proved fatal. Why, in the absence of
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was improved, but was not normal. The patient reports that
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laxed when the thigh is extended nearly in a line with the body.
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knew him. The man obtained money on various false pretenses, forged, and
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Normal rabbit serum tested for precipitin content gave no reaction.
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by an exploratory operation. This is a rule in practice never to be
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was sallow, and cedematous ; also decided oedema of the extremities.
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both sexes nearly equally. Possibly a reason for the
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be painted over the painful area and gently them back to base hospitals near Paris,
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occupied by a population almost purely native, and thus
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breathing heavily, and showing other signs of acute pain. Pain
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102.4® F- ; pulse, 144 ; respiration, 44. The tempera-
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in such cases a solution of the drug in cod-oil ; a third may be found in the
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dust or particles of fiir and to arsenical or mercu-
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compression, a converse mistake might be made, and we should pronounce a
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her room reading until startled by her sister's scream-
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and much longer titles, in which all later editions, with one exception,
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presented by a large variety of illustrations of the various
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women in the upper classes, and the fact that they arc
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authentic cases in which addiction to the drug began
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County Hospital on September 22, 1902, complaining of