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surplus of blood and serum, while the film of rubber tissue pre-
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again seven months after surgery, complaining of nausea,
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A Hand=Book of Medical Microscopy for Students and General Practitioners, includ-
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Hypertrophy of the right ventricle is characterised physically by
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these cases of hepatic congestion by establishing a
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The revised “Joint Medico-Legal Plan For Arbitrating Professional
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sufferers from hemoptysis, but immediately fatal results are of rare occuirenoe;
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hydrogen or of glycozone. da-is, dusting iodoform over a piece of the
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to me in June, 1878, by his physician. Dr. J. O. Cur-
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striped Muscular Fibre. — This has been the subject of
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results. The speaker thought that this product, owing
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employed to correct deviation of the septum were not al-
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cussion in this instance, as in the diagnosis of all other abdominal
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people were fleeced by these men, but Uiose given are deemed sufficient
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must have received at least three distinct shots. A similar effect was observed
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or in which an abscess has formed in front of the joint after suppura-
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were twins and are both living, one epileptic, the other
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tain their discharge from the service ; but in this case
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alcoholics and 64 non-alcoholics. Heinze reported 317 cases, 98 of these
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the deep-seated veins is interfered with, and the pressure of some
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not give advice to layman as to part'icular cases or recommend indi-
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occurs just at that time. B. Schick, by an exact observation of very
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energy much beyond the capacity of the individual. So that every case of
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The treatment, as far as it concerns the pulmonary affection, embraces only
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ophtlialraoscopy and retinoscopy. Med. News, Phila.,
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ing streets as possible. The air will be taken in from the top
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With all this glut of qualified men, the army can not get enough of them,
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sician has not been careful enough in the selection of the per-
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ing them by means of sputum is great. There is also danger of diseased
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lett), the OS dilatahle, and the maternal passages generally in a
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cast upon the subject by the above anatomical facts, would mean
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pudendsB of each united, the labiae beir)g incomplete, inasmuch as ibey
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flfty t't'iit'mu'tiH's doi'|), was fi>d liy a littlo lnook. It was par-
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cessive vomiting, he thought they were in the dark. He did not think
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In the presence of symptoms and signs of disease of