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a retrodisplacement of the uterus through abortion had not really taken place. The

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legislature would probably let it expire by the end of June.

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less extent. The Baltimore Infirmary formerly afforded and proba

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large and of a white or pale yellow colour. The seeds are

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Concerning the name pityriasis maculata et circinata I have at present

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Spirit of nitrous ether aconite and solution of ammonium

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wise provision of nature. Their purpose is to nullify to destroy to offset

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nose an opinion he later modified as this aprosexia was found to occur

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eczema and impetigo water blisters appearing at first and pustules

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this and ou all subsequent occasions a simple silver wire without the

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oriental clotted milks for sale throughout the country under

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throughout the State however remotely situated would be in

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beating of the heart next to it. A metallic tinkle may come

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The Cape aloes are certainly the weakest kind. I have jeen se

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have in our previous article pointed out the results of Eoger s work

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other things he gives an account of an experiment by

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the domesticated animals. The man who would run a racer or get a

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that Dr. Chancellor s resolution renominating the present mem

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duction of strangury which invariably takes place in some persons when

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a coaeentcatioo of poHatioo. Sir John fflnon la bin admira

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cannot be entirely relied on close follow up of those at

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periosteal surface of one fragment to the periosteal

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rapid heart that which is constant and that which occurs in periodical attacks.